BBN 003 Headlines At A Glance From Android Authority

This is the first “Headlines At A Glance” post in my Breaking News series. These types of posts will bring you a roundup of headline titles with links to the articles from the front page at the publisher’s website mentioned in the post title.

In this post, I bring you the headlines from Android Authority. I took a deep dive into Android Authority’s post archive to bring you headlines dating back to April 30th, 2023.

  1. ASUS accidentally leaks ZenFone 10’s pricing – [Read The Full Article]
  2. OnePlus 12 leak spills specs, launch window details – [Read The Full Article]
  3. Fresh Motorola Razr 40 Ultra leak reeals everything, including price – [Read The Full Article]
  4. Is ChatGPT not working for you? Here’s how you can try to fix it – [Read The Full Article]
  5. Android phones can be unlocked in minutes using $15 equipment and new attack – [Read The Full Article]
  6. PlayStation confirms it’s working on a handheld, but not the one you hoped for – [Read The Full Article]
  7. Play Games for PC Beta opens up to Europe and New Zealand – [Read The Full Article]
  8. Samsung Galaxy S23 FE: Everything we know so far and what we want to see – [Read The Full Article]
  9. Enjoy immersive gaming with 50% off the Razer Kraken headset – [Read The Full Article]
  10. Apple rumored to adopt another Pixel feature on iPhones – [Read The Full Article]
  11. HBO Max’s rebrand seems to have broken logins through YouTube TV – [Read The Full Article]
  12. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro drops to $1 off its all-time low price – [Read The Full Article]
  13. People could be ‘harmed or killed’ by AI without action, says former Google CEO – [Read The Full Article]
  14. Opera takes on Edge by adding its own browser AI – [Read The Full Article]
  15. Wallpaper Wednesday: More great phone wallpapers for all to share (May 24) – [Read The Full Article]
  16. This special edition OnePlus 11 is leaving China and getting a new name – [Read The Full Article]
  17. Don’t pay for WinRAR! Windows 11 will soon support RAR files – [Read The Full Article]
  18. This nasty trick makes the Pixel 7 fingerprint scanner more reliable – [Read The Full Article]
  19. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic renders leak: The rotating bezel is back – [Read The Full Article]
  20. The latest update to Bard brings images from Google Search – [Read The Full Article]
  21. If you said you’d cancel Netflix before paying for account sharing, time is up – [Read The Full Article]
  22. Microsoft opens the door to allow more Android apps on Windows 11 – [Read The Full Article]
  23. First price drop of 2023 on the top-rated Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones – [Read The Full Article]
  24. Short on storage? The Samsung T7 2TB Portable SSD is at an all-time low price – [Read The Full Article]
  25. Microsoft beats Google by integrating an AI assistant straight into its OS – [Read The Full Article]
  26. Apple’s WWDC 2023 event set for June 5: Here’s what we expect – [Read The Full Article]
  27. The stunning new Alienware X16 R1 gaming laptop just got $400 cheaper – [Read The Full Article]
  28. NVIDIA GPUs are coming to Chromebooks for the first time ever – [Read The Full Article]
  29. Backbone One PlayStation Edition adds support for Android phones – [Read The Full Article]
  30. Paramount Plus joins the trend of rising subscription prices – [Read The Full Article]
  31. Amazon launches the Fire Max 11, its biggest and most powerful tablet ever – [Read The Full Article]
  32. Google is testing Steam on cheap Chromebooks – [Read The Full Article]
  33. A software update might be making Apple Watches green around the gills – [Read The Full Article]
  34. Samsung just revealed the ultimate smartphone screen – [Read The Full Article]
  35. HBO Max become Max today, 4K content gets major boost – [Read The Full Article]
  36. Physical keyboards could become more useful on Android 14 tablets – [Read The Full Article]
  37. While we wait for iPhone 15, here’s the first iPhone 16 Ultra leak – [Read The Full Article]
  38. Level up your mobile gaming with the biggest Razer Kishi V2 deal yet – [Read The Full Article]
  39. OnePlus 10T gets Zen Space app and other features in Oxygen OS 13.1 patch – [Read The Full Article]
  40. OnePlus 9 series gains a bevy of features in May 2023 update – [Read The Full Article]
  41. OnePlus 11 and 11R now starting to receive Oxygen OS 13.1 update – [Read The Full Article]
  42. The Samsung Galaxy S23 devices return to all-time low prices – [Read The Full Article]
  43. Motorola Razr Plus leaked on retailer site ahead of launch – [Read The Full Article]
  44. You can finally edit WhatsApp messages, with one major limitation – [Read The Full Article]
  45. Meta Quest 3: Everything we know, what we want to see – [Read The Full Article]
  46. Galaxy Z Fold 2 gets May 2023 security patch in US – [Read The Full Article]
  47. OnePlus 12: Release date, specs, price, and all the rumors so far – [Read The Full Article]
  48. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 isn’t out but we’ve already got Snapdragon Gen 4 rumors – [Read The Full Article]
  49. Samsung’s monopoly on the fastest Snapdragon chip might be over – [Read The Full Article]
  50. Samsung Galaxy S20 series starts getting May 2023 security patch – [Read The Full Article]
  51. A new software update is waiting for you on your Galaxy S22 series phone – [Read The Full Article]
  52. China hits back, bans chips from US company – [Read The Full Article]
  53. Wear OS 4 prepares to color your smartwatches with an Android 12 feature – [Read The Full Article]
  54. The Weekly Authority: Galaxy Unpacked date confirmed, new foldables incoming – [Read The Full Article]
  55. DoorDash lawsuit alleges iPhone users are being charged more than Android users – [Read The Full Article]
  56. Motorola Razr 40 Ultra might get different name in US, very fancy cover display – [Read The Full Article]
  57. YouTube TV confirms fix is coming after NBA playoffs were disrupted by freezing – [Read The Full Article]
  58. Pre-order the new Amazon Echo Buds and enjoy 20% savings – [Read The Full Article]
  59. Samsung realized ditching Google for Bing isn’t such a great idea after all – [Read The Full Article]
  60. Canon could be the next camera company to team up with a smartphone brand – [Read The Full Article]
  61. The OnePlus Fold could be a rebranded version of OPPO’s next foldable (Updated) – [Read The Full Article]
  62. Google to pay millions again to settle location tracking lawsuit – [Read The Full Article]
  63. The Pixel Buds Pro could get the Pixel 7’s Clear Calling feature – [Read The Full Article]
  64. Highly-rated Android TV boxes on Amazon found preloaded with malware – [Read The Full Article]
  65. ChatGPT gets first official app on iOS, Android app not far behind – [Read The Full Article]
  66. Google Chrome will start detecting URL typos and suggest websites – [Read The Full Article]
  67. Bug breaking texting between iPhone and Android (like, even more than usual) – [Read The Full Article]
  68. ASUS Zenfone 10: Everything we know so far – [Read The Full Article]
  69. The new Google Pixel 7a just got a 10% price drop – [Read The Full Article]
  70. Pebble smartwatch founder has a new invention called the Beepberry – [Read The Full Article]
  71. The Amazfit Band 5 drops over 50% in time for the summer – [Read The Full Article]
  72. Montana isn’t banning TikTok: It’s putting on a show and you won’t be affected – [Read The Full Article]
  73. The best deal of 2023 on these highly-rated Sony earbuds just dropped – [Read The Full Article]
  74. HTC is reviving a high end phone series (Update: Pre-orders are live) – [Read The Full Article]
  75. The Pixel 8 Pro’s highlight feature is a… thermometer? – [Read The Full Article]
  76. Nothing Phone 2 processor revealed: A big step up from Phone 1 – [Read The Full Article]
  77. Google to start purging inactive accounts (Update: Not ones with YouTube videos) – [Read The Full Article]
  78. Google finally let someone try out its secret ‘Project Starline’ tech – [Read The Full Article]
  79. Do you watch YouTube on a TV? Get ready for longer, unskippable ads – [Read The Full Article]
  80. Android 14 might add a handy feature for split-screen mode – [Read The Full Article]
  81. Nothing is literally trying to bring back the old OnePlus from OnePlus – [Read The Full Article]
  82. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9: Everything we know so far – [Read The Full Article]
  83. Upgrade your storage with 59% off this Samsung 512GB microSD card – [Read The Full Article]
  84. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is at its lowest price ever – [Read The Full Article]
  85. Real-life images of OnePlus Nord 3 are here, confirms rebrand – [Read The Full Article]
  86. iPhone users increasingly leaving Android for iOS, but it’s not as bad as it was – [Read The Full Article]
  87. Does Peacock have live TV? – [Read The Full Article]
  88. A fresh batch of Amazon Echo devices is here and one of them is brand new! – [Read The Full Article]
  89. Wallpaper Wednesday: More great phone wallpapers for all to share (May 17) – [Read The Full Article]
  90. Professor fails students after ChatGPT falsely accuses them of cheating – [Read The Full Article]
  91. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra renders leak: The best Android tablet of 2023? – [Read The Full Article]
  92. Google is working on a dash cam mode for Pixels, and here’s how it works – [Read The Full Article]
  93. iPhones will soon be able to learn your voice and speak for you – [Read The Full Article]
  94. Motorola confirms Razr 40 and 40 Ultra launch date – [Read The Full Article]
  95. Google TV adds over 800 free TV channels, revamps Live tab (Update: Android TV) – [Read The Full Article]
  96. Microsoft brings Bing AI widget to your phone’s home screen – [Read The Full Article]
  97. In 2024, iPhone Pro models could get significantly larger – [Read The Full Article]
  98. Samsung is upgrading Ambient Sound on the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro – [Read The Full Article]
  99. Here’s what happens behind the scenes when your Samsung phone is repaired – [Read The Full Article]
  100. NVIDIA could bring GeForce graphics to smartphone chipsets – [Read The Full Article]
  101. Customer satisfaction survey says Samsung is great — but Apple is better – [Read The Full Article]
  102. Facebook said it unsent those accidental friend requests from last week – [Read The Full Article]
  103. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: Everything we know so far – [Read The Full Article]
  104. Report: Here’s when and where Samsung’s new foldables will launch – [Read The Full Article]
  105. Samsung Galaxy Unpacked part 2: Here are the latest rumors (Updated: May 16) – [Read The Full Article]
  106. Samsung’s latest Galaxy S23 model is made for war zones – [Read The Full Article]
  107. Chat Lock on WhatsApp will make your ‘extra-special messages’ more private – [Read The Full Article]
  108. Kyocera alters consumer smartphone strategy (Update: Kyocera statement) – [Read The Full Article]
  109. Pixel users see severe battery drain, overheating (Update: Google response) – [Read The Full Article]
  110. Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard deal wins approval from EU, CMA responds – [Read The Full Article]
  111. Google Drive finally gets the spam folder it so desperately needed – [Read The Full Article]
  112. T-Mobile giving away MLB.TV subscriptions for second time this year – [Read The Full Article]
  113. Apple iPhone 15: Everything we know so far – [Read The Full Article]
  114. OPPO wiped its German website amid EU exit rumors, here’s why – [Read The Full Article]
  115. Google agrees to pay up millions again for deceptive Pixel 4 ads – [Read The Full Article]
  116. Samsung Galaxy S24 series: Release date, specs, price, and all the rumors so far – [Read The Full Article]
  117. The Weekly Authority: Everything Google I/O – [Read The Full Article]
  118. Your Pixel phone is about to get a little jazzier in the style of Kenny G – [Read The Full Article]
  119. Elon Musk picks former NBCUniversal exec to be the new CEO of Twitter – [Read The Full Article]
  120. The best Nintendo Switch emulator for Android might live on as Strato (Updated) – [Read The Full Article]
  121. The Motorola Razr’s huge cover display is shown off in new leak (Updated) – [Read The Full Article]
  122. No more MariSilicon? OPPO is shutting down its custom chip unit – [Read The Full Article]
  123. Fairbuds XL launched: You can easily repair these headphones – [Read The Full Article]
  124. Oura x Peloton has a good ring to it – [Read The Full Article]
  125. Disney combines Hulu and Disney Plus, will raise price of ad-free plans – [Read The Full Article]
  126. ASUS ROG Ally price, full specs, release date announced – [Read The Full Article]
  127. Android’s Find My Device network gets even more options with Pebblebee trackers – [Read The Full Article]
  128. Android 14 Beta 2 arrives for Pixel phones, here’s what’s new – [Read The Full Article]
  129. From OnePlus to Xiaomi, you can now get the Android 14 beta on these phones – [Read The Full Article]
  130. Sony Xperia 1 V launched: The best phone with a headphone jack – [Read The Full Article]
  131. Waiting for a Google AirTag? Chipolo Find My Device trackers have you covered – [Read The Full Article]
  132. The Oura Ring is getting even smarter with Lifesum sleep and nutrition tracking – [Read The Full Article]
  133. Google teases Project Tailwind, an ‘AI-first’ notebook concept – [Read The Full Article]
  134. Google confirms upcoming XR headset from Samsung will run Android – [Read The Full Article]
  135. Google’s Pixel Tablet case is incredibly clever – [Read The Full Article]
  136. The new Google Home app is rolling out now to everyone – [Read The Full Article]
  137. Wear OS 4 is coming later this year, and a developer preview is out now – [Read The Full Article]
  138. Google Pixel Buds A series now available in Sea color to match the Pixel 7a – [Read The Full Article]
  139. The Pixel 7a’s wireless charging is restricted in more ways than one – [Read The Full Article]
  140. How to try out Google’s exciting new AI-powered features – [Read The Full Article]
  141. RCS is used by 800 million users, just not any Apple users – [Read The Full Article]
  142. Google previews AI features coming to Google search – [Read The Full Article]
  143. Google Bard gains a huge upgrade thanks to PaLM 2 – [Read The Full Article]
  144. Gmail’s ‘Help me write’ will write your emails for you – [Read The Full Article]
  145. Google Bard is now an AI art generator with Adobe Firefly and Express – [Read The Full Article]
  146. Google Photos Magic Editor will transform your pics using AI – [Read The Full Article]
  147. Another Pixel Fold ad has leaked, ‘Dual Screen support coming in Fall 2023’ – [Read The Full Article]
  148. Motorola Razr 40 leak reveals vegan leather finish in three colorways – [Read The Full Article]
  149. Wallpaper Wednesday: More great phone wallpapers for all to share (May 10) – [Read The Full Article]
  150. Google finally comes into the fold: Pixel Fold launched at $1,799 – [Read The Full Article]
  151. MediaTek Dimensity 9200 Plus launched: A Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy rival – [Read The Full Article]
  152. Secretive startup previews AI-powered wearable projector (Update: Video of demo) – [Read The Full Article]
  153. Google and Wendy’s team up to give the drive-through an AI makeover – [Read The Full Article]
  154. Apple iPad Mini (7th generation): Everything we know and what we want to see – [Read The Full Article]
  155. Nintendo Switch 2: Everything we know so far and what we want to see – [Read The Full Article]
  156. WhatsApp comes to Wear OS, instantly makes my Pixel Watch more useful – [Read The Full Article]
  157. Miss microSD slots and headphone jacks? These new flagships are for you – [Read The Full Article]
  158. The iPhone 16 Pro series could finally get a longer display – [Read The Full Article]
  159. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 gets the May 2023 security patch – [Read The Full Article]
  160. All signs hint toward OPPO and OnePlus leaving France. Rest of Europe next? – [Read The Full Article]
  161. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 gets its May 2023 security update – [Read The Full Article]
  162. Wear OS 3 delay for Mobvoi watches isn’t letting up anytime soon, says Mobvoi – [Read The Full Article]
  163. AFib monitoring finally coming to Galaxy Watches this year – [Read The Full Article]
  164. Report: iPhone satisfaction sees its biggest drop since 2012 – [Read The Full Article]
  165. Google Pixel Watch 2: Everything we know so far and what we want to see – [Read The Full Article]
  166. Samsung promises it won’t kill your background apps in One UI 6.0 – [Read The Full Article]
  167. Amazon accidentally revealed all the major Pixel Tablet details – [Read The Full Article]
  168. Thought ads on the Google Play Store couldn’t get worse? Think again – [Read The Full Article]
  169. The Pixel Watch 2 could launch along with the Pixel 8 series – [Read The Full Article]
  170. Galaxy Z Flip 5 could take this colorful trick from the original Z Flip – [Read The Full Article]
  171. Watch the Pixel 7a get torn apart so you can check out its insides – [Read The Full Article]
  172. The HONOR Magic V2 foldable could be a proper Galaxy Z Fold 5 rival – [Read The Full Article]
  173. These Xiaomi and Poco phones will get MIUI 14 in Q2 2023 – [Read The Full Article]
  174. Report: Brands not called Apple or Samsung are fighting for scraps – [Read The Full Article]
  175. Your Pixel phone’s main screen may become the home of a Bard AI widget – [Read The Full Article]
  176. Unsurprisingly, the Pixel 7a already has a full hands-on video, check it here – [Read The Full Article]
  177. OnePlus might launch its first foldable in a dangerous month – [Read The Full Article]
  178. Galaxy Z Flip 5’s cover display may be 720p, could bring new widgets – [Read The Full Article]
  179. Samsung chases Fitbit with new sleep tracking features in One UI 5 Watch – [Read The Full Article]
  180. The Motorola Edge 40 brings premium extras at a cheaper price – [Read The Full Article]
  181. Several Pixel 7a units spotted on eBay ahead of launch – [Read The Full Article]
  182. Android’s Finder Network could help you find third-party tracker tags – [Read The Full Article]
  183. Love music? Love Plex? With ChatGPT powerup, Plexamp becomes a personal DJ – [Read The Full Article]
  184. Wallpaper Wednesday: More great phone wallpapers for all to share (May 3) – [Read The Full Article]
  185. The Nothing Phone 2 is US-bound and has a launch window – [Read The Full Article]
  186. The Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 could launch sooner than you think – [Read The Full Article]
  187. The Nokia XR21 is official: And you thought an IP68 rating was great? – [Read The Full Article]
  188. Galaxy S23 FE leak points to an overdue main camera upgrade – [Read The Full Article]
  189. Your Pixel phone could soon protect your hearing with this new feature – [Read The Full Article]
  190. Google TV is reducing app sizes and speeding up performance – [Read The Full Article]
  191. Latest Pixel Buds A-Series leak provides best look yet at the new colorway – [Read The Full Article]
  192. Google Photos powers up its search bar to find photos with phrases and ideas – [Read The Full Article]
  193. Motorola Razr 40 Ultra leak spills all the details you wanted to know – [Read The Full Article]
  194. Rapid Response, Apple’s take on Android security patches, is finally here – [Read The Full Article]
  195. Google and Apple team up, realizing location trackers are a big problem – [Read The Full Article]
  196. Samsung Galaxy S23 series is getting the May security patch right on time – [Read The Full Article]
  197. Pixel 7a official materials outed: Pixel 6a comparison, freebies, and more leak – [Read The Full Article]
  198. Fire TV Channels is a free TV service just for Fire TV owners – [Read The Full Article]
  199. Like it or not, Bing AI is now on your Galaxy phone – [Read The Full Article]
  200. Pixel Watch picks up May 2023 security patch – [Read The Full Article]
  201. Here’s the retail box of the Google Pixel 7a and the secrets it shares – [Read The Full Article]
  202. May 2023 Android security patch available now for Pixel phones – [Read The Full Article]
  203. Pixel 7a could mark the end of Google’s A series phones as we know it – [Read The Full Article]
  204. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 gains astrophotography mode with Expert RAW update – [Read The Full Article]
  205. Fresh leak gets up close and personal with the Google Pixel Fold – [Read The Full Article]
  206. Samsung Galaxy S21 series finally gets astrophotography skills – [Read The Full Article]
  207. Apple Watch all set to get ‘one of the biggest software updates’ ever – [Read The Full Article]
  208. Google confirms fix for annoying Android volume control problem – [Read The Full Article]
  209. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: Here are the first reliable, high-quality renders – [Read The Full Article]

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